Comparing My Work to an Existing Model

The screenshots in this post are from Washington Main Street Program Guide and Handbook. It has four sets of core competencies. I am only going to use screenshots from three of them.

One of their four sets is called "Organization." It basically covers how to set up a non-profit and run things in line with the goals of the Main Street progam. It's not relevant.

Promotion Core Competencies

They are very focused on old media, like TV and newspapers. I'm not too concerned with TV, newspapers etc. I prefer using the internet. I find their ideas about promotion outdated and I question the value of those priorities.

The stuff circled in red is stuff I feel I am already working on/have done to some degree already.

Design Core Competencies

I'm extremely interested in the design part. I've split this section up into two images so I could enlarge them and make them more readable.
Under Basic, it says develop a design guidelines publication. I read that and realized I am already doing that via Project: SRO.

Under Intermediate it says Take extensive photos of the downtown area. I regularly take photos and post them to r/aberdeenwa.

Also under intermediate, it says Streetscape improvements. I think Project Bike Rack* fits that description.

Economic Vitality Core Competencies

I've been more focused on micro enterprise stuff as a bottom-up approach. A lot of the ideas I am currently pursuing are more grass roots focused than the Main Street program. I feel I am seeing results and I'm content with that.
So after reading through it, my takeaway is that I have already accomplished more than I realized as a one-person shop with basically no budget. So I feel good about what I am doing and I feel I have some kind of "objective" measure that I'm doing something meaningful and productive.


The Project Bike Rack page was updated to Cycling Infrastructure.

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