I don't think this idea is even HALF BAKED

I live in a really rainy area and I think one of the big issues my town has is old ("historic") buildings full of MOLD and probably other issues, like asbestos. In fact, I know when the transit center bought a plot of land for expanding, they had to TEAR DOWN the building due to black mold and asbestos. It could NOT be salvaged.

If you live in most parts of Coastal Washington -- or even large parts of the Pacific Northwest -- you likely see a lot of rain. You may also be concerned with remediating mold or similar.

So how does a small town come up with funds to do that?

Hypothetically, you COULD look for grants from the Federal government. They have a website solely for that purpose -- Grants.gov -- there is a mobile app for it to add even more convenience AND they have a YouTube channel for helping you learn the process.

Some provisos:
  • I have read that federal grants are so burdensome to deal with that you need to be able to hire a person for the sole purpose of administering the grant in order to have any hope of remaining in compliance.
  • As stated previously on this blog, federal programs may be a poor fit for the needs of a small town.
  • It's not uncommon for people chasing grant money to lose their way.
Over the years, I've done a lot of pro bono professional work -- aka "volunteer" work when it's unskilled -- and I've read a fair amount about fund raising and other aspects of running a not-for-profit. People chasing grant money sometimes try to force-fit their program to the grant and forget the REAL goals of the program.

The money is rolling in, stuff is happening, it feels exciting and people lose sight of what they were TRYING to accomplish. The heart of the program dies and people may not immediately notice it.

I have no firsthand experience with applying for federal grants. If I were confident this were actually a good idea, I likely would have written this up a LOT sooner. It's possible that this is a terrible idea and will be a huge waste of your limited time and energy.

But it's an idea. If you need ideas, it's something to potentially look into.

See also: Get an online education in grant writing.

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