Service Area and Focus

Eclogiselle aims to serve the Pacific Coastal Region of Washington State as its core focus, followed by the Pacific Northwest and the Western United States.

Map by Stamen Design. Used under CC BY 3.0. Map Data by OpenStreetMap, under ODbL. Edited by D. Traylor.

Eclogiselle provides digital, technical and informational resources for community planning and economic development work for small communities. It is aimed at incorporated small towns, unincorporated areas, local business people and other concerned parties in small communities and rural areas.

Small communities typically have very limited resources. One of their biggest limiters is a lack of local talent. There may be no one locally with solid skills in areas like map work and website work.

This creates a digital divide between big cities and small communities. This deepens the problems faced by small communities trying to do planning and economic development.

Eclogiselle aims to help close the digital divide for people in small communities trying to do development work. It is intended to be a compendium of technical, planning and economic development resources and services that fit certain parameters, including:
  • Affordable.
  • Professional quality.
  • User friendly.
Eclogiselle is making it affordable to up your game starting with making free maps available under a Creative Commons license. See this post for instructions on how to legally use most of the maps on various websites by Doreen Traylor under a Creative Commons license: What does a good economic development website look like?

Sample website in question full of maps, most of which are free to use under a Creative Commons license, so long as you properly cite your source: Downtown Aberdeen. See also: Maps Tutorial.

There is also a free Mid Century Modern Style Guide on a site with lots of other pertinent info and tips for where to look for other inspiration to write your own style guide if Mid Century Modern doesn't fit the existing building stock of your community.

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