Service Area and Focus

Geographically speaking, this site aims to serve:

The Pacific Coastal Region of Washington State
The Pacific Northwest
The Western United States

The focus here is digital, technical and informational resources for small communities trying to do economic and community development and planning. This includes incorporated small towns, unincorporated areas, local business people and other concerned parties in small communities and rural areas.

Small communities often have very limited resources. One of the biggest limiters they face is a kind of "brain drain" because talented locals often do not stay in small towns. They tend to move to larger cities where they can command higher salaries, among other things.

For many of the same reasons that talented locals tend to move away, small communities have trouble attracting good talent. This means it's hard to find solid skills locally in areas like spatial data (maps) and website work.

This creates a digital divide between big cities and small communities that further exacerbates the problems faced by small communities trying to do planning and economic development.

Eclogiselle is intended to help small communities close the digital divide to some degree. This site is intended to be a compendium of technical, planning and economic development resources that fit certain parameters, including:
  • Free or cheap.
  • Professional quality.
  • User friendly.
In addition to offering a list of resources that can be accessed for free (or cheap), Eclogiselle offers paid services, such as website work and map work using free resources under a Creative Commons license. These services are 100 percent remote and are intended to be affordable for small communities.

The Map on this page is by Stamen Design and is being used under CC BY 3.0. Map Data by OpenStreetMap, under ODbL. It has been edited by Doreen Traylor.

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